The Avalon Roundtable with George P. Kansas
'The Deeper Conversation for the Next Evolution of Man".

After nearly 30 years since the day I first began as one of North America's first executive coaches with a small cadre of men in upstate New York, I'm once again ready to share the wisdom of the Avalon Roundtable as a group, virtual experience.

You're a warrior, a poet, a misfit and a hero. At any one time you might be all of these. You may be in transition, you may be between relationships, you may have it all going on and yet something's still missing.

Where can you go to be supported, without judgment?

Where can you go to be encouraged, without condition?

Where can you go to be guided, without agenda?

The Avalon Roundtable.

What you ‘get’:

- Un-equaled support on gaining crystal clarity on why the heck you’re here

- Non-judgmental encouragement in pursuing your fullest expression

- The closest thing to unconditional love and acceptance you may ever have experienced (you’re not broken, just conditioned)

- Support and guidance on how to break the chains of habitual self-sabotage and,

- Replace them with the disciplines of great achievers

- Confidence in communicating with and influencing yourself and others toward the collaborative manifestation of your true desires!

Your investment includes...

- 2 Roundtable Calls (60-90 min.) every month with live, 'hotseat" coaching

- Monthly video training

- Daily access to Prosperity Playground - Live, Daily Wealth Consciousness Meditations

- Special Guest trainings with Industry Vanguards and Authors on cool topics ranging from tech, to spirituality, to marketing and other business strategies

- "Meals & Materials" tickets at periodic live retreats (TBD) (thousands in savings!)(Goal = 2-4x/year, as determined by enrollment)

- Bimonthly book selections

- Bimonthly movie selections

The Avalon Roundtable - Supporting the 21st Century Man since 1992!

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Single Payment

This is for me and I'm ready.  Spread the purchase of my Avalon Package for $8388  over 12, easy, equal monthly payments. Still a great deal!

$699.00 / Month

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