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REAL Influence in Your Well-being, Relationships and Business!

Live Workshop Featuring Conscious Communications Expert
George Peter Kansas
Author - Speaker - Survivor

At this LIVE Workshop in Boston on November 11th learn how to dramatically change the results in your life by changing the words you use to describe your life.

Attendees of this LIVE Workshop will learn the habits, skills and tools required to effect real change in perception, response, behavior and results in the areas of life most impacting your relationships, your business and your health.

Proclaim To Change Live Workshop
Reclaim Your Word-power
Date: November 11th
Time: 10am - 3pm
Location: Boston, MA

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November 8th for $297.00 $97.00

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All proceeds of this event will be donated to the Friends of Mel Foundation.

At this LIVE Workshop we go deep and I will guide you through
a process to enable you to embrace your word power.

I want YOU to have it all!

Here are some juicy bonuses I’m excited to gift you for joining us at this LIVE Workshop:

  • BONUS #1: ebook - Quitting is NOT on the Menu

    Discover your Goals and Purpose To Manifest Your Magnificent Life.” (The book is a $20 value, the life you’ll lead after doing the exercises in it will be priceless!)

  • Bonus #2: Time Travel Meditation mp3

    One of my most often requested experiences, this powerful tool helps you connect deeply and release obstacles and resentment against yourself and others.

  • Bonus #3: ebook - Twelve Principles I Learned From Channeling Alexander the Great

    I promise you you’ve never read anything to do with “channeling” quite like this!

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All proceeds of this event will be donated to the Friends of Mel Foundation.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My Story

GeorgePKansasSpeakerPicYou probably know me as a blogger, from Facebook, or from my popular books on meditation, goal setting and survivorship. You may know me from seeing me on the mainstage at a conference or corporate event. But what you may not know is that since recovering from a rare leukemia over a decade ago, I've invested my life in the intellectual and spiritual understanding of conscious communication. I've seen, first hand the power words can have. I've invested my life in understanding how.

Whether exploring the depths of spirituality or discussing leadership strategies for the 21st century - or both - I can provide valuable transformational insight because over the past 30 years, I've done it. I've been up to my neck in it! And I've learned how to show you how you can do it!

The programs I offer with my wife, Tracey Trottenberg, have been called the Harvard MBA of Conscious Communications. The national media has called me the Indiana Jones of Performance Psychology.  I've produced rock concerts for disaster relief, run marathons for charities, led expeditions in the Alps and hikes in the Outback. I lead women in speaking, leading and staying feminine and  empower men to express their true selves on stage, in the boardroom, on the playground and in the bedroom.

As a seeker, as a single father of two, as an entrepreneur, I'm qualified for all of it! The brands I'm most known for - Jumper Cables for the Soul and Speak With Soul - say it all.

If you want to improve your health, your relationships and your business, I'm ready to help you.  Proclaim To Change is a great way to start.

People invest tens of thousands of dollars for the opportunity to coach with me. Here's an opportunity to join a community of folks beginning the exploration without that level of investment. By leveraging the group-mind phenomenon, I can offer this to you at this level. If you've been wanting to jump in to spiritual, conscious conversation and discover how it can help you in your life, your relationships, your business and even your health, NOW is absolutely the time to do it.

There's no yesterday. There's no tomorrow. Just right now. Proclaim To Change is here to help you make the most of the moment using the simple yet awesome power of the words you use!


When I began this exploration for myself, I was self-conscious and afraid to be seen. I compared myself to Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and the many GREATS I had long looked up to. I listened to the Nightingale Conant "tapes" with a voracious appetite. I couldn't get enough! I offered my first live programs nearly 30 years ago.

Each time I took the stage I feared I could never live up to the awesome legacy they'd imprinted onto every stage. I studied the craft of communication, presentation, transformation and influence. Having worked personally with some of these masters, however, only made my "comparison disorder" worse. I felt the gap between what I was capable of on stage and in my life only grew wider as a result. I thought I'd never be like "them".

Thank God! (No, it's not a statement against them. My admiration for those great teachers remains as strong as ever today.) It's just that no matter how hard I tried, what I wasn't realizing was that I don't really WANT to be like them. Or like anyone. I want simply to be more like ME. More of the real me. As it turns out, the world wants that too!

My coaching practice began to grow and gradually I injected more and more of ME into my coaching. I discovered I was freaking good at it. Less and less I depended upon "old school" marketing and coaching techniques and relying more and more upon my intuition, spiritual center and personal truth.

I found the more and more I shared from this place, the more results my clients saw!

Everything changed when I began to express more of ME.

I love my life, my path, who I get to be as a leader of leaders. Now I get to:

  • Enjoy a thriving multiple six-figure business doing exactly what I love.
  • Share the stage and my life with the most amazing woman.
  • Lead an extraordinary community of amazing women (and a few good men) who are playing a big game as speakers and leaders, and willing to go deep.
  • Speak  on stages and transform audiences of all sizes whether leading our own events or being invited to speak.
  • Feel the immense joy I get from seeing our clients soar as they enjoy my support and the “permission” to be real and do what they love.
  • Love my life, play with friends and colleagues, and know every day that I am on purpose and doing what I’m meant for.

I’m filled with gratitude for every step of this journey!

This program is NOT for everyone. Well, technically, the information in this program could certainly benefit everyone. In my experience, however, not everyone is ready for it. I am creating a sacred space in this teaching so you can dive deep into your message, your truth and old behaviors that are holding you back. You’ll have the first  steps you need to use your language to establish a powerful foundation for improved behaviors, habits and results! Not everyone is ready to receive and enjoy so much amazing-ness in such a short period of time.

This IS for you if you:

  • Notice that most people use negative language around you.

  • Seem to hear yourself using negative self talk a lot. Things like "I can't do that." "I'd never be caught dead trying that." "I'm not ______ enough to try that."

  • Feel as though physically and emotionally you're ready to use a more empowering vocabulary but just don't know where to start.

  • Are ready to be supported and guided to help bring out the YOU who's been hidden behind your habits around language.

  • Dig in deeper to discover your inner messenger and find an easier way to attract and draw in what you desire.

  • Make peace with the part inside of you that’s scared and bring that precious little one inside of you along so he/she feels safe, seen, heard and can have some fun to.

  • Be more present and have greater presence in the journey of seeking, finding, embracing and living your calling and Godwork.

  • Are "coachable" and willing to let go of what you ‘know’ to discover what you don’t in order to have what you want.

  • Share your heart and what you’re really about AND marry that with real business and language strategies and steps to get you out in the world as a more authentic, confident YOU!

  • Honor and join in sacred, safe space with other amazing women and men of substance like you who desire to step out in the world as leaders - even if you're not totally sure what that means for you right now.

This is NOT for you if you are:

  • Looking for a quick fix, a cosmetic or cookie-cutter system that copies someone else and leaves YOU out of the real conversation.

  • Not willing to dig deeper and discover what’s inside of you that wants to be shared/wants to come out.

  • Want to stay safe, hidden or on the surface with your language.

  • Can't see that transformation is a journey not a destination and expect ME to want it more than you!

What other Amazing Women and Men like you have said
after working with George Peter Kansas

One of the best decisions I made was hiring George to be a speaker at my event. He rocked the crowd and clients are still talking about it months later. Thank you.

R. K. Smith, CEO

So glad I was brave and made the move. I really got so much out of our work together.

B. Languth, Financial Planning Professional

In three hours, we went from co-workers to family. I love these people!

Randy, International Sales Exec

I experienced profound - and profitable - benefits during the first session!

Ben, C Level Executive

Like Jumper-Cables for my mind!

S.Thompson , Education Leader

My work with George broke down barriers almost immediately. (with) George's insight, I was led, step-by-step, through the whole transformational process.

Robert C, Sales Engineer

The support and feedback combined with George's compassion and experience really turned up the heat on my business. Getting to my goals faster was my plan and I did it!

Jim G., Network Marketer
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A portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to Voices for the Voiceless.