Calling All Heart-Centered Women in Business, Coaches, Authors, Consultants and Entrepreneurs Who Know You Have a Message to Share and Are Ready to Get Out, Be Seen and Start Speaking

Finally...Learn How to Use All of Who You Are and Where You've Been to Get Visible, Get Your Message Out and Get Paid -- Every Time You Speak!

Are you ready, finally, to:

Make a bigger impact and stand out as the real YOU?

Drop the stories that hold you back from being the speaker and feminine leader you dream of being?

Dig deeper inside yourself and stop looking for a system to give you the self esteem
and confidence you need as your vital ingredient?

You have a calling in your heart and a prayer to be used that’s getting louder inside of you. You know you’re meant to speak on stage – whether large or small. To make a bigger impact with your unique message.

That said, you’re still sitting in the audience, again, and wondering to yourself....

How come she’s on stage and I’m sitting here listening?”

“I have this dream and desire to speak…why can’t I just get out there?”

“Look at how she’s owning the stage and seems so natural, comfortable, confident – how does she do that?”

“She’s actually getting paid for this?! I want that too!”

“How did she get this gig? I know I’m at least as good as she is, so what’s stopping me??”

If you have any of these questions going through your mind, I know exactly how you feel. That was me for many years.

I knew I shouldn’t compare or judge myself, but I couldn’t help it. As I sat on the sidelines, watching others doing what I dreamed of, seeing them inspiring people and attracting clients while my message remained locked inside me, it was so painful.

Is this familiar?

  • You want to put yourself out there, but sometimes feel like a fraud or not good enough.
  • You tell yourself you’re not ready, need to work on your website, product, ____ (fill in the blank) and don’t have what you need yet to go for it and start speaking.
  • You judge your journey, or are afraid something’s wrong with you because you keep circling around or not ‘getting it’ while it looks like everyone else is having an easier time.
  • You keep buying programs and trying to fit into someone else’s system to have their success, but it hasn’t worked for you yet and you’re frustrated.

The problem isn’t you! It’s a backwards model - especially when you know you’re here to be a leader and share your true message.

The truth: You help others and enjoy a rich and thriving life and business as you speak with YOUR authentic voice.

If you’re anything like me, then you get what I’m saying.

Here’s what happens when you break free, stand out, find your message and own your voice as the real YOU:

1 - You become clear on your message AND who you are as the perfect messenger. 


2 - You exude confidence and own any stage, large or small.



3 - You feel so prepared that you can be present, and speak from your heart, not your head.


4- You assume your powerful, authentic and feminine presence as a leader, and feel great in your skin.


5- You connect so deeply with your audience that what you say naturally resonates with them and they jump at the chance to take action and work with you.


6- Seminar leaders, network organizers and event planners WANT you in front of their audiences, because they know what you stand for and what you deliver!

7- Potential clients approach you at networking events because they feel something different about you and want to know more.

These are the game changers that have you
stand out, be seen and heard.

All from YOUR true, authentic voice and expression!

You desire this – I know I did - but chances are you’re not there yet.

You’re probably having a hard time saying who you are and what you that your ideal clients “get it”.

You may be in a constant dialogue in your head, second-guessing yourself,  so you’re not yet speaking from your heart.

You’re not where you want to be and may be judging yourself for it (“I’m smart, why can’t I just figure this out?”)

You know that you are missing your calling, not to mention opportunities to bring in money from your speaking and reach way more people.

If you’ve been feeling any of this, it’s ok, we’re about to turn that around ...just 6 weeks!

Introducing "Speak Y.O.U. Now"

6 Weeks To Find Your Message, Get On Stage and Transform Lives

In this 6 week teleclass, you’ll learn how to tap into your authentic voice and life experience, trust and value who you are, and use it to get on stages, attract incredible clients and impact way more people than ever before.


You’ll learn things like how to:


  • Discover the message you were uniquely gifted to deliver

  • Connect deeply with your audience

  • Value yourself and what you bring to the party

  • Develop a rock-solid presence, poise and confidence on stage so you can speak from the heart

  • Package your speaking and yourself  so that others want you on their stages

  • Make money --a little or a LOT -- every time you speak!

  • ..and more!

I know this is for me! Let's Get Started!

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My Story

TTK fave color

My life now as an international speaker and leader of our extraordinary community, Amazing Women International, Inc., looks a lot different than it did just a short time ago…

Just a few years ago, I came to LA with nothing more than a one-way ticket, one suitcase and just enough money for one month’s rent.

Well, I had one more thing…my dream and calling.

I had already been speaking internationally. It all looked good, but everything had fallen apart - my marriage, my top client ended our contract, and I hit bottom . I was starting again from scratch.

My vision felt so big and daunting. I thought I had to have it all together. At times, I felt like a fraud.  I thought I had to be perfect and look like the other speaker and leaders I saw out there.  But there was no way I could do that! I was unique!ttkfraud

At the same time, I didn’t value what I brought, so I offered more and gave too much away. Even when I had success, I didn’t trust it. I started then stopped, lost my momentum and then had to start up again, which was exhausting.

I compared myself to everyone, even though as a rebel I knew I didn’t really want to be like anyone else. I looked outside myself; coach after coach, “system” after system.

I studied spiritual teachings, learned how to read energy, went to a naked workshop to find my authentic self (yes, that’s right) and did affirmations…which all helped, but inside I was still yearning for something.

My business was doing well and growing. I was out speaking on major stages alongside luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols and others, hosting my own events, filling programs and working with great clients. 

I was chosen out of thousands as a top-ten finalist in North America's Next Greatest Speaker Competition, which was a great honor.

But still something was missing...and then I got the most important lesson!

What was missing...was...


Trusting ME. Listening to ME. Valuing ME.

Not as compared to others.

Not what some guru or information product told me I “should” be.

But who I knew myself to be… in all my brilliant, flawed, beautiful, painful, fierce and more-than-slightly neurotic glory.

I got to know and love myself… and started speaking from that place.

That was when my speaking took off.

Now fast-forward to today and my life is amazing…



I love my life and the journey of who I am and who I get to be as a speaker, messenger and feminine leader following my calling (what I call my “Godwork”) and speaking from the stage!  Now I get to:

  • Enjoy a thriving multiple six-figure business doing exactly what I love.
  • Share the stage and my life with the most amazing man who claimed me, adores me and showers me with love, exactly as I am.
  • Lead an extraordinary community of amazing women who are playing a big game as speakers and leaders, and willing to go deep..
  • Speak  on stages and transform audiences of all sizes whether leading our own events or being invited to speak.
  • Feel the immense joy I get from seeing my clients soar as they enjoy my support and the “permission” to be real and do what they love
  • Love my life, play with friends and colleagues, and know every day that I am on purpose and doing what I’m meant for

I’m so grateful for every step of this journey and who I BE and who I am becoming as I live the transformation I teach!

And now it’s my mission to teach it to YOU!

leoramendeloff“Tracey completely transforms who women are on the platform.”

“Tracey Trottenberg is one of the most powerful speakers I’ve seen on the platform. She has this amazing way of embracing the woman that she is. I’ve watched the work that Tracey does with women. She completely transforms who they are on the platform. I highly, highly, highly recommend that if you are a woman speaker that you check Tracey out so that you’re able to explore, discover and then really express the feminine leader that you are.”

Liora Mendeloff, Founder - Women Speaker Association

wendiknox"I emerged with a clear mission, message and a HUGE shift in how I see myself. And I booked 3 gigs!"

"I believe this will affect my business, my relationships and most importantly my joy.  I learned how to bring all parts of myself together and see how I can do that for others.  This work is invaluable. And I booked 3 gigs effortlessly!"

Wendi Knox, Founder of Oh My Goddess, Creative Director and Entrepreneur

"Speak Y.O.U. Now"
6 Week Teleclass for Women To
Get on Stage, Shine and Be Seen!

“Speak YOU Now” is a 6-week class designed to lead you through the essential first 6 steps you need to make in order to:

  • Stand out so that you and your message get noticed in a noisy world
  • Connect more deeply from the stage, so your audience experiences transformation, not just information
  • Feel great in your skin, own the stage and ooze confidence and presence
  • Be both spiritual and strategic, so that you grow yourself as you grow your business
  • Stop leaving money on the table! Speak to attract the high-level clients who will line up to hire you and purchase your programs
  • Integrate and connect the dots – use everything you’ve collected along your life’s journey to inform your unique message
  • Charge what you’re worth, with the higher positioning and value you only get from being in the spotlight

Through a series of 6 content-rich, strategic and spiritually uplifting calls, I’ll guide you and your fellow messengers safely and lovingly through the all-important self-exploration that I so wish I had had when I was launching my speaking endeavors.

 But don’t worry – while there ARE proven steps to getting on stage,

I know that you’re not here to fit into a box or be like everyone else.

The structure in Speak Y.O.U. Now is designed to be like a frame that lets you stand out and shine!

Here's a detailed breakdown of each week of your coaching:

Week 1 - MINDSET and Mythsmindset

Bust the myths that keep you second-guessing yourself instead of out there and on stage. Blast through your limits and get out of your way. Overcome the limiting beliefs such as the fear of being visible, the fear of being not good enough and the fear of not being ready.

Specifically you'll learn:

  • How to get clear on what you want to speak about
  • Learn the energetics of speaking and the stage ‘magnifier’ effect
  • How to stop holding yourself back and unconsciously acting on negative beliefs that keep you on the sidelines

Week 2 - Your MESSAGE and Your Audience


Learn the 5-point ‘roadmap’ to design your talk for any stage. What to say and when to say it, and what NOT to say. How to avoid the most common mistakes even seasoned-speakers make when sharing their story. The game-changing secret to know your audience and how to connect deeply and move them to action.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • The “Design your talk™” template
  • The Structure and Components of a Compelling Story
  • The 3-part "She Gets Me" Tool
  • The Truth of Your Real Audience and Target, and the “Know Your Niche” Checklist
  • How to let your audience know you are the one for them without being pushy or salesy

Week 3 - You are the MESSENGER

ttkclickerLearn how to establish your credibility and share your heart. How to claim your calling and speak about what you’re really about. How to be the real you on stage and what is your ‘special sauce’ and full self expression. How to integrate what you bring to the table to stand out as an expert and springboard your speaking (most women have no idea how to do this and leave tons of money and opportunities on the table).

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • "The Messenger Brand™" and 2-part structure to describe and demonstrate your expertise
  • How to speak about what you’re really about, unapologetically
  • The “ROI of YOU (Return on Investment of Your Own Uniqueness)™” and the “Gap inside the Gap™” Breakthrough Process so you can own your greatness
  • Establish your leadership and claim what your worth starting now

* This call will have “Sizzle Seat” live coaching and Message Makeovers

Week 4 - MONETIZE Your Message


Learn how to lead the sales conversation from the stage and make money as a speaker. What’s required for your wealth consciousness and how to get into alignment with your vision and desires.  I’ll show you how to demonstrate your value and then invite your ideal target to take action in a way that feels great. You’ll get clear on your money goals, and hit them -- as you get connected with your true value so you can sell with total confidence!

Specifically, you will learn: 

  • The basic "Messenger Money Model" and how to get paid as a speaker
  • How to raise your frequency and wealth vibration to receive more money (without this piece you will self-sabotage)
  • How to hold the energy when you move into the sales portion of your talk (instead of getting nervous!)
  • Multiple ways to monetize your message so you get paid, no matter what!

Week 5 - MARKET Yourself as a Messenger and a Speakerttkclap

Learn how to get out there and get visible. The first step to start speaking and how to create your own stages (live and virtual, online and offline). How to use networking to get known as a speaker. What content to create, how to integrate with your marketing and how to position yourself as a leader.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • "The Messenger Manifesting Framework"
  • "5-Step Strategy To Land Your First Gig"
  • How to create your own stages
  • How to become known and build a name as a speaker

* This call will have “Sizzle Seat” live coaching and Message Makeovers 

Week 6 - MAKE AN IMPACT: How to Stand out and Be Seenbeseen

Learn how to stand out, be seen and taken seriously as a speaker. Speaker materials you need now (including bio, photos and web presence). Representing your brand wherever you go with verbal and non-verbal speaking energetics. How to have power and presence while being present on any kind of stage.

Specifically you'll learn:

  • Speaker Packet Must Have Checklist, Recommendations and Resources
  • Daily practices to build from within
  • 5 Key Insights to eliminate any worry about competition or not being 'the one' forever!
  • Celebration and Next Steps Action Plan

What's includedREACH THE TOP(1)

  • Weekly Modules to help you impact more people with your unique message.
  • Weekly 90-minute Q&A calls where I will personally answer your questions to help you get clear on your message.
  • Cheat sheets, scripts and PDFs in each module with everything from how to prepare your talk to what to say to yourself to eliminate self-doubt.
  • Weekly video for motivation and inspiration to keep you on track to reach your goals.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can meet the up-and-coming speakers and messengers.

We're Not Done Yet:  Here's Your Bonus If You
Join Tracey Today

  • BONUS #1: “The Power of Your Words To Manifest Your Magnificent Life” Exclusive live training call with Tracey and her amazing husband, Speaker, Author, Brilliant Man George P. Kansas (value $200)

    Author and Speaker, Cancer Survivor George P. Kansas is a leading expert on the bio-physiology of the Law of Attraction. This extraordinary man happens also to be my husband and partner!

    George will share his inspiring story of how he applied the study of the law of attraction, quantum physics and biology during his treatment for a rare form of Leukemia ten years ago. Together, we will guide you through specific step-by-step strategies to retrain your brain and focus your language so you are only speaking what you desire. We’ll give you powerful breakthrough tools to transform your money story, enhance your wealth consciousness and turbo-charge whatever else you desire to enjoy in your life.

  • Bonus #2: VIP Ticket to Tracey’s 2-Day Signature Event in Los Angeles “Own, Honor and Unleash” in June 2015 (value $597)

    You have a VIP ticket to attend this incomparable 2-day live experience  “Own, Honor and Unleash!” You’ll breakthrough to the next level of visibility and valuing the amazingness that you uniquely bring as you learn to “Own your Voice, Honor your Journey and Unleash your Magnificence” in this intimate, interactive and incomparable 2-day live event hosted by yours truly. You’ll both experience and witness how I create a most safe and sacred space in which we dive deep into YOU so you can own your greatness and get this in your bones with live coaching, experiential learning and tons of fun!  

  • Bonus #3: Speaker Showcase in The Speak Y.O.U. Now “Get Visible Game” (value priceless!)

    I want you to be visible! When you join the “Speak Y.O.U. Now Teleclass, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to be part of our “Get Visible Game,” which includes exciting strategies I’ll teach you to get out there and get more visible.

    You’ll be able to submit a video of you speaking and along with a few of my friends and fellow experts, we’ll select a winner to showcase in our online community, weekly newsletter and…you’ll get coached privately and appear on stage at “Own, Honor and Unleash!” This alone is priceless as you get exposure in front of thousands and the opportunity to be showcased and shine bright!

Say YES to YOU and let's get you rocking NOW!

Total Investment

Pay for the Entire Course In Full - $497 - Best Price
Click Here to Pay In Full
Don't want to pay for it all at once? No problem!
Buy with payment plan of $275 for two months
Buy with Payment Plan

barbaraeisele“I have a whole new relationship with who I am, what I offer to the world and why the world needs me.”

“I have a whole new relationship with who I am, what I offer to the world and why the world needs me. If you have an opportunity to work with Tracey, take it! She is a ninja when it comes to getting to the heart of things and she does it in the most loving manner.”

Barbara Eisele, Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach


Screenshot 2015-04-14 15.37.54“Now I know how my whole life is encompassed in my message and topic!”

“I have worked with a ton of teachers, coaches, healers and what was different from any other program was that it really encompassed me – from what I went through and learned from my childhood, adulthood, corporate background and now my business and being an entrepreneur. Not only do I now know how all of that comes into my message and my topic, but who is my real target audience and how I need to talk to them. This was an amazing program and I could not ask for anything more than what I got. I’m really excited to bring this out to the world. Thank you!”

Desiree Meza, Speaker, Founder of Divine Spiritual Living

SandraYancey-5x7"Someone I have such admiration for."

"Tracey's just a rock-star.  She's someone I have such admiration for.  It really is her life assignment to do what's she's doing.  She's just the best.  Truly the best!"

Sandra Yancey, Founder eWomenNetwork

You do not have to struggle, delay or try to figure this all out on your own...

On each call, we'll go deep and I'll guide you through the process each week to embrace who you truly are, what you're here for and how to message and share that with others.

Total Investment

Pay for the Entire Course In Full - $497 - Best Price
Click Here to Pay In Full
Don't want to pay for it all at once? No problem!
Buy with payment plan of $275 for two months
Buy with Payment Plan

It's time to understand your true value and bring together all the parts of you and your life, your struggles and successes, so you can have the most leverage to maximize and monetize your true heart and soul.

What other Amazing Women like you have said
after working with Tracey Trottenberg

michellekoert“I landed my dream job that aligns with my unique skills and qualities!”

“Working with Tracey has allowed me to do the deeper work to create greater access to myself and to my truth. She is Tony Robbins caliber, but with one-on-one access to her. Tracey combines principles for success in Speaking, Leading, and Staying Feminine. Because of working with Tracey, I landed my corporate dream job in a customized position that aligns with my unique skills and qualities. My romantic partnership has improved because I’m expressing my feminine more fully. Working with Tracey has been one of the best personal development investments I have ever made.”   

Michelle Koert

“Helped me be mMary Jane Mahanore clear, refined and laser focused. Priceless!”

Tracey is a masterful coach and a communications ‘midwife’. Her intuitive gifts are keen, enabling her to nail a client’s ‘inner roadblocks’ and get to the heart of communication patterns that block one’s full potential. Her accuracy and her ability to help me be more clear, refined and laser focused has been priceless!  

Mary Jane Mahan, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

janiejordan"Way more than I expected and I’m producing amazing results”

The work with Tracey was way more than I expected. It’s deep, personal and profound. Tracey is an amazing coach – very hands-on, very caring and very supportive. She truly fulfills the brand promise of her company name – Amazing Women. I experienced some profound insights and made some deep shifts as Tracey has challenged me. With her guidance, I am producing amazing results in my coaching and training business!

Janie Jordan-Meier, Author, Speaker, Crisis Communication and Media Expert

susan ramsey“So fulfilling and so life-changing!”

“I’ve been “Tracey-fied!” So fulfilling and so - seriously - life-changing. I have been so immensely impacted. This work is so much more than what I expected. And ten layers deeper. And higher. And it Rocked!

Susan R. - Laguna, California


Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconI’m in between things. I don’t really have a business right now. I’m in the midst of figuring out what to do next. Shouldn’t I wait until I have a better idea?

    By the time you’re finished with Speak Y.O.U. Now, you’ll be clearer on your desire for what’s next for you. It may be a new business, it may be a calling that surprises you. The only way to know is to jump into the exploration. Doing so with sisters there to support you will help you feel safe. In the safety of this community, you can explore your desires, your dreams, your calling in sacred space.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m not clear on my marketing message? Shouldn’t I get that done first before I invest in speaking to grow my business?

    I hear you. Of course you’re going to keep working on your marketing message, webpage, etc. The clarity of purpose and message that you’ll find in Speak Y.O.U. Now will infuse every other ‘spoke’ in your marketing and business wheel.  You’ll have more clarity and know who you are and how to represent your brand. Your marketing, your strategy, your plans, will all benefit from the work you’ll do the other amazing women in Speak Y.O.U. Now.

  • q-iconI think I may need more coaching than this program offers. What should I do?

    I offer many different levels of coaching. Speak YOU Now offers a great way to start. In fact, if you decide that more coaching is right for you within 60 days of completing Speak Y.O.U. Now, we’ll roll your investment in this program into the next package with us.

  • q-iconI don’t know that I want to be a “professional speaker”, right now, I’m thinking I just need to learn to speak to grow my business and close more sales. Is Get on Stage a good place to start?

    Absolutely! Speak Y.O.U. Now will give you amazing tools, insight and confidence to use for sales conversations, networking events, shooting videos and everything else you have to do to grow your business. We believe that “Everything is a Stage” and I’ll show you how to take all the strategies and specifics we discuss and use it for these other ‘stages’. That’s what makes this program and our work game-changing – you will learn how to be and speak about yourself and your business in such a way that you never have to ‘turn it on’. It’s just who you’re ‘being’ wherever you go…because who knows where your next ideal client, opportunity, gig or whatever you’re intending may show up!

  • q-iconWhen does the "Speak Y.O.U. Now" 6-week Teleclass start and what are the details?

    The 6-week Teleclass starts on Wednesday, April 29th at 10am PST/1pm EST. All classes will be 75-90 minutes long. All calls will be recorded and you have full access to the recording if you can’t join us live. Of course, I’d rather have you there live, but if you can’t make it to every call, no worries. Two of the classes have live “Sizzle Seat” and “Message Makeover” live coaching, so I encourage you to request that and be there live.

    The classes happen at that same time and take place each week starting on April 29th and running until the last class on Wednesday, June 3rd. Once you register, you’ll receive all the details for the call schedule, call-in number and everything else you need. Again, if you can’ the there live, we’ll miss you, but do understand. You’ll have the recordings and can catch up and jump in on the Facebook group conversations. We have you covered!

More women like you have had amazing experiences working with Tracey:

achaesajames“I discovered that my gift and my areas of expertise are so much bigger than I was seeing!"

“My personal experience is that Tracey sees participants in a way that we do not see ourselves and it truly felt like she was channeling my higher purpose as she coached me.  I discovered that my gift and my areas of expertise are so much bigger than I was seeing and Tracey pushed me to see the broader applications for my business.  I am now delivering international workshops, writing a book, building my own consulting business and engaging clients in public speaking forums."

Achaessa James, Speaker, International Trainer and Founder of the WISE Systems

kristy“Working with Tracey, I have increased my revenues by 66%, and doubled my prices for my programs!”

Tracey truly honors the sacredness of our work and integrates my little girl with the grownup, and the Divine Presence within me. Tracey pulled out exactly what I needed to experience and see to go the next step. Tracey loves it wherever I am, and joins me in the journey to mastery. It’s almost like she says, “oh goodie!” when we uncover a block….”Here is the next step on the journey.” Tracey has done, and continues to do, her own work. She guides me through my work with ease and grace and never puts her own opinions and judgments on me, and there is an instantaneous transformation when I ”get it”. Tracey is generous with her time, and her total focus is on us when working together. Tracey doesn’t step over a thing - she calls me on ‘my stuff’ with love and acceptance as if it’s perfect that I have ‘my stuff’. Tracey integrates it all into a way of being. While working with Tracey, I have increased my revenues by 66%, doubled my prices for my programs, found my ‘special sauce,’ trust the Inner Presence to be my supply, and love my little girl and bring her along with me. I would absolutely invite people to be a part of Amazing Women International! However, only those people that, no kidding, want to give up old habits and ways of being and are willing to be a leader and trail blazer in their area of expertise.”

Kristy Deegan, Life Fulfillment Coach, Long Beach, CA


tabbybiddle“From insecure to tapped into my feminine strength as a speaker and leader.”

"I went from feeling unsure and insecure to feeling tapped into my feminine strength as a speaker and leader. Your truth is magical and so needed in the world.  Thank you!”

Tabby Biddle, Speaker, Author and Feminine Voice Advocate

karynamore“Clarity, compassion and lasering-in precision”

"Wow - this workshop was amazing! Tracey facilitates in a way that brings clarity, compassion, warmth and softness and yet this lasering-in precision.  I'm so appreciative of this work!

Karyn Kraus-Amore, Entrepreneur and Speaker


I’ve taken the most important first steps in this journey and distilled them into a powerful 6-week teleclass.

The class will lead you to discover these important things for yourself:

  • Discover what you need to share so that you stand out

  • Learn how to connect more deeply with others so they’ll buy from you.

  • What you need to do and say to yourself so that you feel great in your skin

  • How you can be both spiritual and strategic without any longer sacrificing one for the other

  • Why you must stop leaving money on the table by pretending to be someone you’re not

  • How to integrate and connect the dots of your life experience

  • What to consider when pricing your services so that you charge what you’re really worth (and stop leaving money on the table!)

I'm blessed to say that I often hear ‘I want my version of that’ when women hear me speak. My clients want to speak and hold the space for their own groups and want to know how I do it.

I know that what’s underneath that comment isn’t really about me. It’s about what’s been stirred up in them that’s ready to emerge. I know that I’m an ignitor and I’m here to shake things up.

That’s about presence, power and being prepared and knowing how to put it all together. It’s about being in alignment and holding a space to ‘spark’ others.

Take me out. Put you in.  My desire is that you have that.

You’ve probably got tons of “systems” sitting in the shrink wrap on your shelf or gathering virtual dust on your hard drive.

Instead, I want to teach you specific steps and strategies to get brave, get out and make a huge difference, by bringing out the magnificent and unique YOU

We’ll get spiritual, strategic and specific so you can "Speak Y.O.U. Now!"

I’ve been immersed in our inner circle and working closely and intimately with a small group of women who have said yes to themselves and their calling. Women who invest thousands and thousands of dollars to work with me in intimate groups and privately.

I know this works...because I see it every day with my VIP clients who pay up to $50,000 to work with me and are creating amazing results, transforming themselves and achieving their dreams by using these same principles -- and now I want to share them with YOU."

Say YES to YOU and let's get you rocking NOW!

Total Investment

Pay for the Entire Course In Full - $497 - Best Price
Click Here to Pay In Full
Don't want to pay for it all at once? No problem!
Buy with payment plan of $275 for two months
Buy with Payment Plan

TTK cropped fur shotTracey Trottenberg

As a Master Trainer and Professional Speaker working across the globe for over two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and specialists to help them hone their message and show up more authentic and powerful on stage. I’m honored to have been a top ten finalist in EWomen Network’s 2013 “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” out of thousands.

I love teaching women how to step into their authentic voice and own any stage. I can’t wait to have you experience that for yourself when you join me for "Speak Y.O.U. Now."


Voices for the Voiceless™V4V logo

Saying YES to YOU is helping others too! Amazing Women International, Inc. shares revenue from all of our programs with active charitable organizations dedicated to the passionate empowerment of women, the vigorous protection of children and animals, the compassionate support of cancer patients, caregivers and survivors and the loving stewardship of our mother Earth. You're already using your voice for good and your dollars to give and help others!