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It’s time for YOU to Transform more lives, share more of your message and make a bigger impact…because, there’s no question that speaking is one of the fastest ways to expand your reach and influence. It’s also one of the best ways to explode your business results.

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Speak Y.O.U. Now™

SPEAK Y.O.U. NOW is all about speaking publicly about your deeper message... Your real desire and the deeper meaning in your business. We will help you to discover and own what you’re really about, and also how to step out into the spotlight and be seen as the REAL YOU!

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What is included in the Get Your Talk Done™ Virtual Bootcamp


2 Hour Live Bootcamp
on December 15th at 10am Pacific /1pm Eastern

“Laying a Solid and Authentic Foundation”

Get clear on what makes you credible and has people want to learn and hire you
What’s in your way and blocking your confidence and charisma on stage

Your Audience and Your Invitation/Offer
The critical factors your audience needs to create the ‘know, like and trust’ factor
How to sell and invite people to work with you so you’re excited and passionate

Your Story from Pain to Transformation
How to share your story so your audience feels more connected to you
How to be most natural and present when you are sharing your story, no matter what comes up

Your Presence: How YOU Show Up on Stage
How to command the room and lead from the stage, and stay feminine
Key mistakes you may be making unconsciously, including non-verbal cues,
that diminish your power and credibility

Action Plan and Celebration
Key immediate next steps to build your speaking
Highlights and critical success factors to be a rockstar speaker on stage

Plus, you'll also receive the "Design Your Talk" templates which you can use over and over again for every talk you'll need.

What is included in the Speak Y.O.U. Now™ Program

or 3 Payment Plan

The Get Your Talk Done Virtual Bootcamp and 6 New Audio Recordings for Speak Y.O.U. Now along with Workbooks and 2 Live Q&A Sessions!

Recording 1: “Mindset and Myths”

Bust the myths that keep you comparing and second-guessing yourself instead of out there and on stage. Overcome the limiting beliefs such as the fear of being visible, the fear of being not good enough and the fear of not being ready. I’ll give you specific ways to align yourself on the inside to get out there on a strong ‘inner game’ foundation.


Recording 2:"Your Message and Your Audience"

I’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes even seasoned-speakers make when sharing their story. I’ll also share with you the game-changing secret to knowing your audience and how to connect deeply and move them to action.

Recording 3: "You are the Messenger"

Learn how to establish your credibility and share your heart. How to claim your calling and speak about what you’re really about. How to be the real you on stage, know what is your ‘special sauce’ and give yourself permission to be fully self-expressed.

Recording 4: "Monetize Your Message"

Learn how to lead and close the sales conversation from any stage and make money as a speaker and messenger. We’ll evolve your wealth consciousness, raise your vibration and show you how to get into alignment so you can manifest your vision and desires with ease and grace.

Recording 5:"Market Yourself as a Messenger and Speaker"

Learn how to get out there and get visible so you can expand your reach and help more people. Get the first step to start speaking and how to create your own stages
(live and virtual, online and offline).

Recording 6: "Make an Impact: Stand Out and Be Seen"

Learn how to stand out, be seen and taken seriously as a speaker. Get a rundown of the speaker materials you need now (including bio, photos and web presence). Represent your brand wherever you go with your verbal and non-verbal speaking energetics. I’ll share with you how you can have real power and presence on stage so people feel you and want more.


Plus, you'll also receive 2 LIVE Q&A sessions to have all of your questions answered.

Just imagine the BLISS of feeling CONFIDENT in your MESSAGE...

Here's what others have to say about working with George and Tracey:

“I have worked with a ton of teachers, coaches, healers and what was different from any other program was that it really encompassed me – from what I went through and learned from my childhood, adulthood, corporate background and now my business and being an entrepreneur. Not only do I now know how all of that comes into my message and my topic, but who is my real target audience and how I need to talk to them. This was an amazing program and I could not ask for anything more than what I got. I’m really excited to bring this out to the world. Thank you!”


Desiree Meza
Speaker, Founder of from Diving Spiritual Living

What's holding you back?  Let's get started today...

About Tracey Trottenberg

If you have ever seen Tracey Trottenberg speak from a stage, then you know what effective communication, delivered from a place of authentic feminine power, looks and sounds like. A renowned Transformational Speaker, Master Trainer & Seminar Leader, Communication & Leadership expert, Tracey has spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people in the US, Canada and Caribbean, and shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Loral Langemeier. Tracey specializes in guiding women in business to access the source of their true feminine power, passion and purpose. She founded Amazing Women International to build community and showcase feminine leaders around the world. On the Women’s Information Network, she is the show host of “Expose Yourself: How to Lead and Stay Feminine,” and the author of the paradigm-shifting eBook, “The Seven Secret Strategies of Feminine Leadership & Communication.”

Tracey brings to you her unique 20-year background of corporate and entrepreneurial expertise, and breadth of speaking experience and training: as a Master Trainer in one of the world’s leading ‘Train the Trainer’ programs, keynote speaker, moderator and panel expert for Internet World, Digital Hollywood, Direct Marketing Association, Women’s Information Network, International Coach Federation, Association of Internet Marketers and others, and Creator and Host of “Own, Honor & Unleash”, “Speak with Presence”, “Amazing Women International’s Feminine Leadership Telesummit” and more.

About George P. Kansas

George is a recognized coach to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs for going on 30 years now. He’s an author, former lawyer, single dad and cancer survivor. Through it all, he’s learned how to transcend challenging circumstances and find joy in the journey. Since surviving cancer nearly 10 years ago – George has seen, experienced and taught the strategies behind the power to change your life with the words you choose, the thoughts you believe and the feelings you maintain.  In his groundbreaking leadership and communication training programs, George sets the standard for twenty first century men to fully occupy their space and hold space for their amazing women. You may know George as a blogger, from Facebook, or from his popular books on meditation, goal setting and survivorship. You may know his from seeing him on the mainstage at a conference or corporate event.

But what you may not know is that since recovering from a rare leukemia over a decade ago, George has invested his life in the intellectual and spiritual understanding of conscious communication. He’s seen, first hand the power words can have. He’s invested his life in understanding how. Whether exploring the depths of spirituality or discussing leadership strategies for the 21st century – or both – George provides valuable transformational insight because over the past 30 years, he’s done it. He’s been up to his neck in it! And he’s learned how to show you how you can do it!

The programs offered by Amazing Women International, Inc. have been called the Harvard MBA of Conscious Communications. The national media has called George the Indiana Jones of Performance Psychology.  He’s produced rock concerts for disaster relief, run marathons for charities, led expeditions in the Alps and hikes in the Outback.