You know it, you feel it-you have an important message burning inside.

Thank you for joining us on the Livestream.  We would like to personally invite you to "Speak with Soul" October 26 - 29th in California!

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Join This Live Immersive Experience to Help You Rock ANY Stage in Your Life, AND Be Unapologetically You In Every Moment.

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There is no question that right now we are in a pivotal time, where it is easier than ever to be VISIBLE.

But when you look around, are you disheartened by what you think you must do to be SEEN today?

Especially if you’re a truth seeker, especially if you are bold. The way people around you are showing up may make you feel very alone. Like you just don’t fit in.

We invite you to join us October 26th - 29th in Los Angeles, CA to "Speak with Soul"
A Live Immersive Experience to Help You Rock ANY Stage in Your Life, AND Be Unapologetically You In Every Moment.

When You Say YES to the “Speak With Soul” Experience, Here’s What You’ll Get Right Away:

  • A Ticket to the Live “Speak With Soul” Event (including your lunches), happening October 26-29 in Los Angeles. This is your time to play with like-minded people, practice the content you know is waiting to come out, and get our expert feedback in a very safe, sacred and supportive environment. You’ve never experienced anything like this, trust us.
  • “Messenger” Pre-Event Assessment. This is an intimate event, and we designed it this way very intentionally. We are NOT cookie-cutter. We want to know YOU, your personal challenges, where you need to work the most, and how we can support you before we meet in Los Angeles. As soon as you register, you’ll receive an intake form, so you can pour it all out, and share with us where you need us the most.
  • 24-7 Access to the Private “Speak With Soul” Facebook Group. You won’t be on this journey alone. In fact, there is an amazing community of people who you’re about to build very deep, supportive relationships with. And as soon as you register, you’ll be able to meet them and connect with them 24-7 in the Private “Speak With Soul” Facebook Group. Many of our community members say that the spaces we create are the ONLY places they feel safe sharing new ideas, new visions. You’ll love this amazing group of trailblazers!
  • Access to Daily “Prosperity Playground” Calls with George & Tracey. This is exclusive for our community only and happens every morning, Monday to Friday, for a listen-only wealth consciousness and meditation call. This is jet-fuel for your day and an absolute favorite way for many to start their day. You’ll love it!

Plus if you register before Monday, September 18th at Midnight you will receive the following bonuses:

The LIVE “Soul Work & Clearing Circle” Call ($397 value)
On this LIVE call, we’ll address the “muck” that often comes up before you do any type of deep, transformational work. Whether your fear manifests as doubt, laughter, silence, or dread, we’ll help you understand what is coming up for you--and shift the intense energy you’re experiencing to move you forward, rather than keep you stuck. Trust us, this is not a “fluffy” conversation--you will feel instantly open to what’s ahead for you in the Speak With Soul Live Experience.

The LIVE “Get Your Talk Done” Virtual Bootcamp ($1997 value)
In this interactive LIVE virtual workshop, you’ll roll up your sleeves, and give shape to that message you feel is inside of you. Even if you have no idea what your “talk” will be--you will walk away with a map of personal stories and lessons, and be masterfully weaving them into a powerful conversation to share with others.

Here’s what you’ll learn during this LIVE workshop:

* Get clear on what makes you credible and has people want to learn and hire you.
* Learn what’s in your way and blocking your confidence and charisma on stage.
* The critical factors your audience needs to create the ‘know, like and trust’ factor.
* How to sell and invite people to work with you so you’re excited and passionate.
* How to share your story so your audience feels more connected to you.
* How to be most natural and present when you are sharing your story, no matter what comes up.


We know hands-down, the Speak with Soul community, and our unique, non-cookie cutter approach is going to truly change your presence in the world, and you will never look back.

Seating is limited for this event, and spaces will go fast. Be sure to claim your seat at the special Early Bird price, so you can take advantage of our lowest price for this event.

We can’t wait to see you there!