“Speak Your Truth”:

No More Hiding. Being the Real You IS the Way to Attract the Right Clients, Do Fulfilling Work, and Leave Your Unique Mark on the World

Imagine being able to quickly show--in your presence, your words, your body language--all that you stand for, and all that you know.

But how often do you leave a conversation or walk off a stage, wondering:

Did what I say make sense to them--did they get me?

Should I have shared that part of my story? I think it was too much

Why do I always feel like a fraud, like I’m turning it on, like they won’t like the real me?

You’re invited to join us for this LIVE Q&A
where we
are going  to help you overcome your biggest fears
about being VISIBLE with clients, prospects--any audience you serve

Each week, we’ll dive into deep topics that are critical to your success:

  • TOPIC #1: If I share too much of myself, will I turn off my clients?
  • TOPIC #2: Is my message even making a difference--am I memorable?
  • TOPIC #3: How can I show people what I know, without feeling like just another “expert”?
  • TOPIC #4: How can I stop stumbling and hiding when it’s time to sell myself, or talk about my price?
  • TOPIC #5: I wish I could be authentic, but I’m too busy to think about this right now. I’m just trying to earn a living!”

If you want the “outside game”--more clients, more opportunities, more money--you have to play from the INSIDE. Let us show you how!

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to JOIN US LIVE
Thursday, October 20th at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern

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