George Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg Present:

“Living Meaning and Making Money as a Messenger”

Join us for this very special FREE webinar on January 7th at 1 PM PST /4 PM EST

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    On this content-rich call, we’ll give you specifics to leverage immediately and you’ll learn:

    • 3 ‘stages’ that you can immediately access to manifest money
    • 3 conversations you have to have to make an impact and make money
    • The “Messenger Consciousness” required to accomplish the above
    • Immediate next steps so you can get into action with more ease and grace

    You’ll learn what to start doing immediately to move you to what you want. You’ll also learn what to stop doing immediately that’s holding you back, blocking you and keeping your money and fulfillment away.

    Join us for this free preview call to learn how to “Speak with Soul” and “Rock From The Stage” immediately so you can love your life of meaning and make money with the impact you are here to live as a Messenger!

    We’ll be sharing specific strategies and tactics you that will allow you to take clear action and build momentum. That’s the key for the New Year – be clear in your plan and message, and then start to draw in the people that are praying for you and ready to kick off their new year learning and flourishing from your brilliance!

    Claim your spot now and we’re excited to be with you on this very special call!