ATTENTION:  New - or Veteran - Direct-selling and Network Marketers desiring to rapidly build or rebuild your downline
reliably,  steadily, and sustainably
with less stress, frustration, or embarrassment
so you can actually create the lifestyle you dreamed of
when you signed up in the first place!

Are you ready to lay the right foundation - right from the start - to grow a sustainable, predictable, & duplicatable network marketing business?

Here you’ll learn EVERYTHING your sponsor or upline want you to know
They just don’t have the time to teach you themselves.

In this 8 Module Self-paced Program, we’ll cover everything you need to succeed in getting your organization off the ground without horrifying your friends, annoying your family, or “cold”-calling strangers.

Module 1- Master The Market
- Gleaned from decades of exposure to some of America’s biggest organization builders, you’ll learn what it takes to be a masterful network marketer

Module 2 - The Deeper Why
- The deeper your Y, the Higher You’ll Fly - A quick and effective process to determine your “WHY” and how to harness it

Module 3 - Lift With Your Legs...
- Lift with your legs, not with your back. How to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

Module 4 - RockStar Confidence
Rockstar confidence, no matter what! - How to have kick ass confidence even though your results don’t reflect that YET..

Module 5 - GOALS? Who needs goals?
- How to set realistic, specific, observable, and measurable financial and action goals and develop an action plan for achieving them.

Module 6 - Rockin’ Your List. Rock Your Biz!
-Rockin’ your list so that you rock your biz! - How to build and qualify your list so you call the right people FIRST and maximize your chances for YES!

Module 7 - You Mean I Have To Speak To People?
-You mean I have to SPEAK to people? - How to approach people without fear of the outcome.

Module 8 - Lead From The Front
-Give ‘em the tools. Give ‘em a shove. Get out of the way! - The most effective way to build a quality team of business builders in your organization

Are you ready to lay the right foundation - right from the start - to grow a sustainable, predictable, & duplicatable network marketing business.

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A small percentage (approx. 3%) of every sale of this program support Voices for Love, an approved 501c3 charitable organization.

By the end of this course, you will have learned:

- how to be an effective salesperson even if you don’t think you are a sales person
- identify potential mental roadblocks before they stop you
- the best strategies for enrolling new customers no matter what network marketing business you’re in, when you started, or how big your organization is now
- how to quickly and efficiently identify your best prospects so you get more yes’s right away
- how to quickly and efficiently identify your best business builders so your team grows quickly and sustainably
- how to develop an action plan to insure you and your business builders succeed

I want YOU to have it all!

Here are some valuable bonuses I’m excited for you to have when you purchase your Starter Kit:

  • BONUS #1: The First 5 Questions to Ask Your My Up-line

    This video and corresponding playsheet will help you maximize your relationship with your sponsor/upline. They’ll appreciate it and you will profit from it!

  • Bonus #2: Top Myths of Network Marketing Debunked

    Network marketing can be your ticket to freedom, but it must be navigated with open eyes, an open heart, and an informed mind. Avoid the pitfalls by understanding the myths.

  • Bonus #3: The Value of Your Time

    If you want to stop trading time for money, you need to know the value of your time! This video and worksheet will help you know this in your bones, once and for all!

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A portion of each purchase supports Voices for Love, Inc. An Approved 501c3 Charitable Organization.

Who’s Behind This Course and Why Should You Listen?

My Story

GeorgePKansasSpeakerPicYou might know me, from Facebook, or from my popular books on meditation, goal setting, and survivorship. You may know me from seeing me on the mainstage at a conference or corporate event. I’m George P. Kansas, Author, Speaker & Creator of the Network Marketing Starter Kit.
Over a thirty year career, I’ve worked with some of the network marketing world’s highest performers in some of the fastest growing companies in the industry. They’ve shared amazing insights into their strategies and secrets for creating predictable, duplicatable, sustainable results.
My goal for you is to maximize each opportunity for growth as you build your new - or jump-start your old - network marketing team. That’s why I created the Network Marketing Starter Kit.

To get you started right, right from the start so you can enjoy less stress and more Yes!

  • The Network Marketing Starter Kit is designed to develop the characteristics of the most successful network marketers.
  • It is self-paced and action-oriented, and once enrolled, the course is available to you for as long as you need, including any updates.
  • By enrolling below, you will gain instant access. The Starter Kit is accessible from Internet-connected computers, web browsing tablets, and any IOS or Android smartphones, iPads & Tablets.
  • Money-Back Guarantee

    • Any time within 30 days after you’ve purchased the Starter Kit, and you’ve completed the first three modules (videos AND worksheets) if for any reason you feel the course does not help you lay the right foundation for your network marketing business right from the start, you can ask for and receive a full refund!
    • The Bonus Modules are yours to keep!

What people say matters:

“Like Jumper-Cables for my mind!”

Sue T., Education Leader

“George’s compassion and experience really turned up the heat on my business. Getting to my goals faster was my plan... and I did it!”

Jim G., Network Marketer

“Broke down barriers almost immediately. I was led, step-by-step, through the whole transformation process.”

Robert C., Sales Engineer

“I experienced profound - and profitable - benefits during the first session!”

Ben, C Level Executive
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A portion of the proceeds of this program support Voices for Love, an approved 501c3 charitable organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of this course?
- This is a self-paced, on-demand course divided into short video lessons that include specific actionable exercises for you to complete.
- The course's framework is built on a ten-day program. Each day you'll be challenged with a specific activity, given specific guidance in the video and encouraged to continue forward toward becoming the Network Marketer you’re capable of being.
- This course is supplemented with a playsheets for note taking and further analysis of your habits and skill development.

How do I gain access to the course?
- You enroll by clicking the 'Enroll Now' button. Once you enroll, you will gain instant access to the course within the Network Marketing Starter Kit.

How long do I have access to the course once I enroll?
- Once you enroll, you have LIFETIME access to the course including any updates, modifications, or changes.

What systems, equipment is the course accessible on?
- The course is accessible from Internet-connected modern computers, web browsing tablets, most Android smartphones, iPhones & iPads.

What is the tuition for this course?
- The tuition for the Network Marketing Starter Kit is a ONE-TIME enrollment fee of $97 and includes instant access and any updates.