“Dear God, use me for a purpose greater than myself.”

“Dear God, what will you have me do, where will you have me go, what will you have me say and to whom?”
Marianne Williamson

“Dear God/Spirit/Source/Universe, use me fully.”

“Dear God/Spirit/Source/Universe, _______________________________.”

You have a prayer to be used. A yearning in your heart. A calling that’s growing more loud inside of you, ready to get out in the world to serve and share your message. This is sacred to you.

However...sometimes you:

      • feel like a fraud,
      • feel not good enough, and
      • tell yourself you’re not ready, or
      • think you don’t have what you need yet.

Your website’s not done, list isn’t big enough, or blog isn’t consistent enough. 

Maybe more like, website, blog, list? What are those?

Maybe you’re afraid you’re not the right person or something’s wrong that you keep circling around or not getting it. Putting things off so you won’t have to show up, be vulnerable or be your bright, bold, beautiful self.

If you’re watching others and wondering why you’re not out there yet in a bigger way, or why you keep feeling stuck or slowed down…

Then keep reading.

I ask you to be honest - What’s your deepest desire?

My guess is that underneath the money, stages, website, more exposure, paid gigs, etc, what you really want is to be who you’re really here to be.

Me too.

For me, it’s about fulfilling my highest potential. It’s about being the fullest expression I can be as my true Self. An instrument for the Divine to flow in, as, and through me. 

I’m getting spiritual because I believe you are like me. I believe that you share this same yearning and readiness. You’re more than the trappings or superficial stuff. It’s about the deeper truth of who you know you’re here to be.

To share the message and ‘song’ inside of you to help others and make a real difference.

To  share the depth of who you are and make a real contribution. To use your gifts and life lessons to help others. To be able to easily speak about who you are, what you bring and how to share it with the people who need you, so they get it.

And you’re ready.

Now let’s get strategic. Chances are you’re having a hard time saying who you are and what you do. Knowing how to position yourself so people get it. More in your head than in your heart. And judging yourself for it.

You’re probably leaving money on the table.  Not intentionally, because I’m sure you try to do all the right things and follow the best systems you can find. To find the perfect thing out there to get you to the real place you want to get to.

I have to be straight with you

It won’t work. I know, I did it for years, too.

Most people tell you what to do to have success and how to follow the system they created, and that it’ll work for you.

But it’s a backwards model…especially if you know you’re here to be a leader and share your true message.

Especially as we move into 2020. This new year and new decade is ushering in new conversations, and new leaders - whether at home, in business or on world stages. Leaders who know how to bring forward a more real, genuine and grounded presence. More real connections. More of the real you.

The truth is, no one else’s system will give you the true you.

There is no marketing formula that will override self-doubt, self-judgment and unhealed unworthiness inside of you. Maybe for a short while, but not for the real evolution you’re here for. 

There are myths and messages out there that have you keep searching outside yourself to find the answers. To follow systems or wonder what you’re doing wrong or what else you should be doing because you’re not getting those same results.

But that will never give you the true answer to where your money is locked up and where your success is stuck. 

There is no investment that you can make ‘out there’ that is greater than the investment in knowing who YOU are and what is UNIQUELY yours to bring forward and share.

There is no investment that will yield greater returns - financial and otherwise - than the ones you make to know yourself and know how to serve others with your true gifts.

That’s why it’s time to stop looking at everyone else and trying to be everything to everyone.

It’s time to go within and pull out the gold that is inside of you. 

It’s time to expand your capacity to receive the abundance that you so richly deserve - in all forms!

Working with Tracey, I hit my sales goals multiple times over, I’m effortlessly attracting clients and speaking opportunities, and even my marriage is better. I’m in my Sweetspot and I love it!

Catherine Chevalier, Co-Founder, Not Maurice Advertising, Branding, and Marketing

It’s time for the R.O.I. OF Y.O.U.

The Return on: 

      • Intention

        • Intuition

          • Inspiration

            • Impact

              • Intimacy

                • Innocence

                  • Integration

                    • Investment

Of Your Own Uniqueness, and
Your Oneness Unleashed

George and Tracey as leaders is what separates this. It’s a different conversation. I realized that it’s not  about me doing more–I’m not a doing machine. No amount of studying and new knowledge will help me be more heard  and self- expressed. It’s about who I am being, and that is the shift.

- Brandy Rainey-Amstel, Film maker, Transformational Artist

George and Tracey pulled out exactly what I needed to experience and see to go the next step.  I have increased my revenues by 66%, doubled my prices, found my ‘special sauce,’ trust the Inner Presence to be my supply, and love my little girl and bring her along with me. I would absolutely invite people to do this work, however, only those people that, no kidding, want to give up old habits and ways of being and are willing to be a leader and trail blazer in their area of expertise.

- Kristy Deegan, Life Fulfillment Coach, Speaker, Author

The “R.O.I. of Y.O.U.” 

Maximize, monetize and mobilize your
voice, vision, and value in 2020



In this 6-week transformational program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to describe, value and stand in your gifts, essence and unique ‘codes’ so you can express yourself with greater confidence and clarity, and feel good in your skin

  • Alchemize ‘problems’ into potent consciousness and inspired action

  • Tap into your true power so you can transmute, transform, and teach to make a bigger impact

  • Have greater presence and stop leaking power when you speak about yourself and your work

  • Speak your truth so you can share what you’ve lived and learned in service of others  

  • Embody your divinity and embrace your humanness so you are spirit-led while you implement your business plan and actions

  • Describe and value your unique essence so you can maximize your offerings 

  • Value your journey and source so you can monetize in a sacred and abundant way

  • Know how to sell and position yourself

  • Refine your message so you speak with more clarity and confidence

  • Anchor in why you are the perfect person to deliver your message and offer your services

  • Transform resistance and level up into greater discernment, spiritual maturity and self mastery

  • Gain greater spiritual and feminine perspective on speaking your truth, processing emotions and taking inspired action in your business and life

  • Integrate your inner masculine and feminine so you create greater results 

  • Own your power and presence so you stay on track and be fully you

  • Amplify your calling, expresion and consciousness in a way that is truly feminine, and your unique expression so you can speak your truth and shine your light

  • Create an inspired-action plan that you feel great about for the new year

George is the guy who called me out. I was out there already making millions of dollars, helping people all over the world, delivering programs, writing books and screenplays, and nevertheless I needed the King-Maker to call me out of the cave and save my f*-#ing life. If he hadn’t done that, I may not be living the life I’m living right now. And that’s for real. In terms of how I stepped up to be part of a brotherhood and be with my wife, grow my business the way I am and the way I’m showing up. That’s directly because of George.

Derek Rydall, Transformational Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Actor, Screenwriter 

Tracey is a masterful coach and a communications ‘midwife’. Her intuitive gifts are keen, enabling her to nail a client’s ‘inner roadblocks’ and get to the heart of communication patterns that block one’s full potential. Her accuracy and her ability to help me be more clear, refined and laser focused has been priceless!

Mary Jane Mahan, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll cover:

  • Module 1 - The Return on your Intention, Inspiration and Intuition

    The difference between a speaker and messenger. What you really want to create and share. Speak from your heart, not your head.

  • Module 2 - The Return on your Impact 

    Where you leak and diminish your power. How to connect the dots of your story and journey. 

  • Module 3 - The Return on Integration and Your Own Uniqueness 

    How to get the gold out of your journey. The end of competition or comparing for you. Describe your ‘special sauce’ and unique codes, and why it’s so hard to do.

  • Module 4 - The Return on Intimacy, and Your Oneness Unleashed

    Establish your expertise from alignment, How to create meaningful connection. Being visible and seen. Find your strength in being vulnerable. How to serve others with what you’ve lived and learned.

  • Module 5 - The Return on Integration

    Closing the gap that most coaching leaves undone. Create alignment within yourself for greater presence and confidence. Take your foot off the brake so you can share your brilliance.

  • Module 6 - Putting it all together

    Celebrating what you’ve done and taking inspired action. 


Yes, I'm Ready. Secure My Spot Now!

Your Special R.O.I. of Y.O.U. Holiday Package Includes:

  • 6 video trainings
  • 6 training worksheets
  • 6 previously recorded coaching calls
  • PLUS: 3 LIVE group coaching calls with Q&A and laser ‘heart seat’ coaching 

Working with Tracey has allowed me to do the deeper work to create greater access to myself and to my truth. She is Tony Robbins caliber, and combines principles for success in Speaking, Leading, and Staying Feminine. I landed my corporate dream job, and my romantic partnership has improved because I’m expressing my feminine more fully. Working with Tracey has been one of the best personal development investments I have ever made.

Michelle Koert, Executive, Musician, Entrepreneur

Passionate, earnest, humble, direct and to the point - and not over the top. George will teach you and be a role model for you in getting through to absolutely anyone.

Mark Goulston, Best Selling Author, FBI Hostage Negotiations Trainer

Purchase now and receive access to these special bonuses!


  • Proclaim to Change
    Reclaim Your Word-Power
    By the end of this 6-module audio program, you’ll be employing a more empowering vocabulary. More conscious, more confident!

  • Prosperity Playground
    Enjoy 12 weeks of these daily, live wealth consciousness meditations. This popular and powerful daily meditation is the start of the day for spiritually inspired entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. Jumper Cables for the Soul!

  • Red Wire/Green Wire
    Hacking the Biology of Change
    This powerful 2-hour masterclass makes the neuroscience of creating powerful habits easy to understand and easy to apply to replace old, disempowering habits with intentional, empowering ones.

Yes, I'm Ready. Send Me My Bonuses!

I have a whole new relationship with who I am, what I offer to the world and why the world needs me. If you have an opportunity to work with Tracey, take it! She is a ninja when it comes to getting to the heart of things and she does it in the most loving manner.

Barbara Eisele, Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach 

BONUS #1 - Proclaim to Change: 6 module Teleclass Includes: 

      • Module 1: Gratitude
      • Module 2: Forgiveness /Acceptance
      • Module 3: Responsibility
      • Module 4: Risk
      • Module 5: Courage and “The 3 DragonsTM
      • Module 6: Making it All Mean Something

BONUS #2 -  Immediate access to Prosperity Playground live, daily meditations

These live, listen-only, prosperity meditations are Jumper Cables for the Soul every weekday morning!

BONUS #3 -Red Wire/Green Wire” Video Masterclass Training 

Learn the Biology of Transformation and employ proven strategies for reconditioning you’re nervous system to remove blocking beliefs and limiting fears.

I closed two five-figure deals within weeks after working with George.

Carl W., Entrepreneur

The value of this package is well over $1500

It’s yours now for only $297
or 2 payments of $175

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If you’re part rebel, part reverend (come on, you know you want to get that message out), part recluse (because you’re sensitive it’s hard to be out there all the time) and part reformer (you know you’re work and passion is in making a real change in the world), then this is for YOU!

It’s time to take your unique essence and true expression seriously so you step into being the feminine leader and messenger that you are here to be in this new year!


  • You’ve been feeling stuck, not seen, frustrated, struggling, and alone.
  • You’ve probably  ‘been around the block’, invested in herself and programs, done lots of work, taken lots of programs and not yet reaped the rewards.
  • You’ve been pushing and are tired, busy, and probably still trying to  ‘make things happen’. Internally debating if you should get a job or quit your business or if you’re not cut out for what you believe you’re  meant for.

My personal experience is that Tracey sees us in a way that we do not see ourselves and it truly felt like she was channeling my higher purpose as she coached me. I discovered that my gift and my areas of expertise are so much bigger than I was seeing. She pushed me to see the broader applications for my business. I am now delivering international workshops, writing a book, building my own consulting business and engaging clients in public speaking forums.

- Achaessa James, Speaker, International Trainer, and Founder of The WISE System
Yes, I'm Ready. Secure My Spot Now!

    What you’ll walk away with:

    • How to feel good about where you are, right now
    • How to monetize what you bring to the table
    • Leverage your strengths and know how to speak about, and stand in, your value
    • Attract the clients, price points and opportunities you desire and deserve
    • Stop diminishing yourself verbally and non verbally
    • How to talk about your successes and failures
    • Understand the true nature of wealth and how to monetize
    • Alchemize and activate your greatest assets and all of your amazingness!

    The work I did with Tracey is deep, personal and profound. She is an amazing coach – very hands-on, very caring and very supportive. Tracey truly fulfills the brand promise of her company name – Amazing Women. She has challenged me – that’s a good thing – and with her guidance I am producing great results in my coaching and training business.

    Janie Jordan-Meier, Author, Speaker, Crisis Communicaton and Media Expert

    It’s empowering to know that if it starts with me or is inside me, then I have the ability to change it. I recommend working with George to anyone who wants a really fulfilling life or if their life doesn’t look the way they want it to look. That’s what this is about - approaching that and figuring out how to get the life you want.

    Dave Watts, Business Owner, Consultant

    Your Mentors: Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas and George Peter Kansas

    Having each trained, spoken to and coached and tens of thousands of people internationally, and a combined 50 years on stage, George and Tracey teach “Messenger training from the inside out.” Together, they help women in business, speakers, healers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs step into their authentic voice and own any stage in business and in life.  

    Tracey has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson and more. George is a recognized coach to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs for nearly three decades, having shared the marquis with inspirational greats Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy.  As an expert in Feminine Leadership, Tracey co-authored the 3-category Amazon Bestseller “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership” and was a top ten finalist in “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” competition. George has written 8 books, is a former lawyer, single dad, 2-time cancer survivor and now “presence advisor” to some of America’s most talented Rockstars. Together, what sets George and Tracey apart is the love that is infused in everything they do, speak, teach and create. Tracey and George co-founded “Voices for the Voiceless;” a 501C3 non profit to support women, children, animals, cancer survivors and mother Earth.

    A portion of each purchase will be donated to Voices For The Voiceless, Inc. - An 501c3 Not-for-Profit​ Corporation

    Voices for the Voiceless is a 501C3 non-profit dedicated to supporting women and children at risk, cancer survivors and their caregivers, veterans, animals and the environment. V4V does this through providing direct financial support, training opportunities and scholarships to those on the front lines of these causes.​