Here are some pertinent dates to be aware of: 
  • Our upcoming live experience called “Speak With Soul” will be on October 27th – 30th 2016 in Los Angeles.
  • We have recorded 3 juicy videos that will help Tracey and George teach your community about how to transform from speaker to messenger.  There’s some real teachings in these videos, so even if someone can’t join us for the Live Experience they’re going to be treated to this 3-part video series.  We plan to release these videos September 6th – 8th.
  • Then everyone who signs up to the free video series will receive an invitation for a live webinar September 13th.  This is also the day the cart officially opens and the early bird discount begins.
  • This is our first official launch for this program and we would be honored to serve your network and it is our intention to make it very simple for you to share this powerful program.

Below are some highlights of the program for your review. 
  •  This program is for men too! You can share this with both the men and women of your life and community, which is really exciting!
  • “Speak with Soul” combines the trainings of “Get Your Talk Done” and “Rock from the Stage” into one powerful and transformational program.
  •  The full program consists of virtual trainings, group training calls, laser coaching plus the 3 ½ day live training, and MORE!
  •  This is not a multi-speaker event, rather it is a full on workshop. During the live event, you and your referred attendees will have lots of time to work on your content and practice your delivery. Tracey and George provide personal input and coaching to pull out the gold of your story, teaching and sales. They also work on the  your delivery with personal feedback and guidance to have more presence and own any stage. They provide coaching around being a messenger and how to master the ‘inner game of speaking’, not just what you say and do. These are the game changers!
Our goal for this launch is create “Conscious Conversations” in our world with more Messengers shining their light and making a powerful impact using their voice for good. This will create a real shift in how people deliver their message and expose their soul in service of others waking up too.


Here is the launch sequence with dates:

September 6 – PLC 1

September 7 – PLC 2

September 8 – PLC 3

September 10 – Live Stream Announcement

September 12 – Live Stream Reminder

September 13 – Live Stream – Why you’re a messenger not a speaker.

September 13 – Cart Open

September 14 – Live Stream – Recording

September 19 or 20 – Invite to Q&A

September 21 – Chat with Tracey and George (Q&A)

September 22 – Cart Closing Warning

September 26 – Cart Closes for early bird special

October 3 – Second Chance at early bird price

October 6 – Second Chance Ends