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" The Spiritual Side of Speaking "

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Are you ready to discover the most powerful strategies that will get you visible and on stages so you make a real impact and make more money?

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    On this content-rich audio, get real with yourself and your business, and learn:

    • Why you only show up halfway and are still afraid to be visible and put yourself out there fully, and the pain of holding yourself back
    • 3 ways you diminish yourself because the world sees what you teach and offer as 'soft skills' or 'nice to have' so you struggle to fit into a system
    • How to stop "pretzeling" and trying to be everything to everyone so you can attract the clients, the money and the gigs you really want
    • The key words and energetics that will either speed up time or slow you down
    • The 3 components that you must embrace and walk through to have the impact you desire

    This is for you if you're not yet manifesting the results you desire, or you reach a milestone/hit a certain level and then slide back.

    This is for you if you're ready to put jet fuel into your speaking and business so you can rock it this year.

    This is for you if you've been looking around and know that you no longer fit into what you see out there and are tired of squeezing yourself into a box, or feel alone and don't know what to do differently.

    And mostly, this is for you if you are devoted to waking up and to your spiritual path and realization. You hunger to get out to speak and ‘leave your mark’ and express yourself fully and make a real difference by sharing what you know and who you are/what you’ve lived and continue to learn and grow into is the expression.

    You are here to lead and wake up, and help others do the same.

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