Welcome Ambassadors.  Who do you know that is yearning for real messenger training?

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If you’ve come to this page then you are interested in helping us create “Conscious Conversations” and spread the word about our Speak With Soul event.  Please read on…

Our goal for the Speak With Soul launch is to invigorate our entire Amazing International community and beyond to create “Conscious Conversations” in our world with more Messengers shining their light and making a powerful impact using their voices for good. This will create a real shift in how people deliver their message and expose their soul in service of others waking up, too.

What is a Referral Partner (Ambassador) Program?

Countless companies doing business online offer affiliate/referral partner programs, with the goal being two fold: to reward the affiliate (aka: the seller) with a sales commission, and to reach additional buyers or clients who we (as a company) wouldn’t have met otherwise.

We call our referral partners Ambassadors.  How much can an Ambassador earn?

For this launch, everyone who purchases a ticket to “Speak with Soul” from your unique link, you will receive a special ‘thank you’ of $350 cash referral OR $500 of “Messenger Money” to be applied towards programs with Amazing International (eg. private coaching, Train the Trainer, etc) within a specific timeframe. You’ll also receive a ‘back-end’ commission for program purchases made at the event by your referred attendees.

Who can become an Ambassador for us?
Anyone can, as long as you agree never to:

a) Promote products of Amazing International via unethical marketing practices, such as unsolicited email campaigns or spam.
b) Promote products of Amazing International alongside or in conjunction with offensive content or unethical material.

Note **- You will not earn commission by purchasing programs for yourself under your own Ambassador link.

How will you receive payment?

You will receive commission earned 30-days after the Speak With Soul Event, giving us ample time to account and tally ALL your referral earnings.  Our office will automatically send your commissions earned via PayPal.

(Remember: only purchases tracked to your unique Ambassador link will earn commissions so make sure you are diligent about using the unique URL in your marketing and sharing.)

Again, we are so grateful for your efforts in helping us to bring this teaching to the ears and hearts of those who want to up-level their lives and share their unique message. It will be our greatest pleasure to send you these commission payments, and we’ll do so with great appreciation for you!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Ambassador Manager, Suzanne Snider, at ambassadors@amazinginternational.org

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